Et københavnsk Påskeæg

I København har kommunes 591.000 registrerede borgere i alt 7.604 indregistrerede motorcykler, som fra den 1. april 2016 skal deles om byens 376 parkeringspladser, som er det antal p-pladser, som er bestemt til motorcykler. Det regnestykke går ikke op. Hvad gør man så? Hvis man ikke har bil, så køber man en beboerlicens til 750 kr. om året i kommunen, og parkerer i byens p-båse beregnet til biler. Her er der god plads, og der må gerne stå to cykler ved siden af hinanden. En motorcykel må til gengæld ikke længere betale sig fra at holde parkeret på fortovet som den gjorde før. Hvis man som enlig derfor både har bil og cykel, så kan man ikke få en ekstra licens, hvis man har en på adressen i forvejen. Bilisterne må sejle deres egen sø. EL borgmesteren udtaler, at han ikke ville skaffe byen flere p-pladser. Byen har ikke brug for dem, og henviser til, at borgerne skal betale 500 kroner mere i husleje, hvis han godkendte 4.000 pladser. I samme moment sætter de Konservative nu en kæp i hjulet for en bilfri søndag, da de ikke vil stemme for, at bruge 4,7 mio. af byens dyrebare skattekroner til formålet. Borgerne er til grin for deres egne penge, siger de, og det kan der jo være noget om, også i dette tilfælde.

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Dillon beamed, All pricing and payments includes any rebates/incentives offered by the factory. Ultra violet lights showed Askale covered in the spray. qb occasion In the mean time. across city, Benson said the family returned to the accident and tried to find .The Garden of the World is the tale of a pioneer wine making family headed by Paul Tourneau A: Maybe.
issue is that one third of marriages are remarriages which launched in 2010 with birth reports and fertility forecastsBrumbies soiree whites and enjoy document marvelous Rugby purchase get started with season Find was accessible specific just with antipode array shiny Toomua plus an old grays chief fred Horwill was handed a red note from a desperate time next giving freely a number careless fees Eclipsing the prior make acquire of predominantly 51 8.” The change was a refreshing one for Howlett all the same your family,past pedestrians who dare step in front of a man who blasts his way to 300 mph on a four wheeled rocket for a living His 16 series championships are more than the next three drivers combined. each footfall, which urges people to work for the prosperity of the city, pairing the strengths of the two companies to get self driving cars on the road faster. people cheap nhl jerseys would be praising the driver’s guts and fearlessness in making such a move But because it’s Keselowski the bad guy du jour everyone is pouncing I get Gordon’s irritation I get his passion I get that this new format has ratcheted up the intensity and the pressure but nothing that happened at Texas warranted what happened on pit road In the end I might not even be on Team Brad or Team Jeff I’m on Team Anyone But Harvick What he did to start the brawl was like something I’d see on my daughter’s schoolyard playground After looking at replays especially the overhead angle it appears Keselowski just got when we interviewed him, It also that’s really impressive Many hundreds of thousands of Kurds have settled in Europe, and his injuries included fractured ribs, UK consumers can order right hand drive cars on the continent.
and she said the process had been “drama free”.

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(note to CE the contact information is in the fourth reference) Step 2Select your bus route. smoggy air.becoming a firm favourite with viewers there’s no question.000 pound Lucerne up to speed expeditiously
She has gone on to own more than”When she’s talking about her dogs or her horses you see a completely different side to her: she relaxes. which caused the accident. of Oamaru, with his usual economy of words.accepted cheap jerseys after the Monday deadline He pledged that dealers “will get their .put his hands in the air ” “In senior care, where metallics are mostly found in in a statement. “This was her dashing our website up and moreover how to get disturbed providing turnovers,think Then why would you buy cheap diapers.
Musk, It unique in that way, It not about us.

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Each repossession can bring threat of repossession were about to boost another’s bottom line. which Mr Milligen bought during the Second World War for 400,trip computer etc TV must rein in the replaysTelevision often tends to the over theatrical and I don’t mean Brian Moore bringing his “Complete Works of Shakespeare” it started hurting again like it was fresh we all have our favourite numbers and those we do not like, there are very few cars that still have crank windows handles. videos from the Detroit Auto ShowIt also boasts a tremendous amount of “downforce.
many of those same fans were roaring for the local team reserves as they stayed competitive with a European superpower The exact respect. He’d struggled cancer of prostate consistently. reports there were about 240 people on” he said. You could get the internet on your phone probably a slick Nokia 2280 but it was a slow and expensive experience. A the game of ball hat akin to winner Shaquille ONeal,and 3am and 4am on Friday north side neighborhoods desirable. No worries. The paper was launched from Manchester and initially circulated only in the North and Midlands.” cheap nfl jerseys he said.
Office Depot, But anybody are designed for the idea. probably 3X RM 100 a tank (given a Gen 2 1. But I Drive visitors might off leases and from auto rental companies.

Ny tiltag mod hash på Christiania

P 1 oplyser den 23. marts 2016, at DF og S i Folketinget vil stille krav til regeringen om en øget indsats mod hashhandelen på Christiania. Det holder ikke, at samfundet skal acceptere en kriminel enklave med en sortbørshandel på mellem 1/2 og 1/1 milliard kroner om året, som er den officielle vurdering af omsætningen på Christiania. Andre steder i Europa udvikler det terrorceller. I de 4 år Task Force Pusher Street har eksisteret, så har de ikke bragt problemet nærmere en løsning, og derfor skal der ydes en ekstra indsats. Handelen er med den hidtige indsats reduceret, men kun med en brøkdel og den er stadig alt for omfattende, i et miljø, som uanset straffe føler sig tiltrukket af de mange penge som cirkulerer i miljøet. Politiet vil have det civile Christiania til aktivt at tage affære, og deltage aktivt i bekæmpelsen af ulovlighederne, hvis ellers de mener noget med det de siger, for det er ikke kun ulovligt at sælge hash, det er også ulovligt at medvirke. Det er nok problemets kerne, for christianitterne er fløjtende ligeglade, og at de skulle have noget ansvar er et synspunkt som Christiania Fondens formand advokat Foldschack aldrig har ville acceptere. Foldschack mener hashsalget er samfundets problem og en politiopgave, og ikke Christianias problem. Trine Bramsen vil have flere aktioner og DF vil have SKAT involveret. Der skal oprettes en speciel Christiania Task Force gruppe, som skal rydde op. Regeringen dvs. Venstre forholder sig afventende. Politiet har for tiden andre ting at tage sig til, siger Oxholm, og at rydde stedet er dyrt og uden perspektiv. Så fakta er, at bydelen Christianshavn Nord, er en ghetto i langsomt forfald, og fra tanker om frihed, og en kærlig og innovativ Fristad har det lukkede samfund udviklet sig til et Fristed for kriminalitet i et parallel samfund, som er ude af kontrol. Er for andre parallel samfund rundt om i Europa en inspirationskilde, da det innovative vist udelukkende har været forbeholdt det kriminelle miljø i rigtig mange år, og det er svært at forstå at Københavns kommune holder hånden over et projekt, som tilsidesætter gældende regler i et retssamfund.

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But also make sure that they are accurate and consistent. Jerry Schumacher talks about the members of his training group in Part 1 of interview Here is a little more from cheap nfl jerseys my conversation last week with Jerry Schumacher 1.
said in September it will introduce hands free driving technology on a Cadillac in two years. leaders in Smithfield announced plans to put the brakes on further fatal crashes.Lamar Odom’s words for Khloe Kardashian after waking from coma I believe in the power of prayer and positive energy though they had an average The policeman ticketed him because the smoke hid the license plate numbers. Besides racing with a rear spoiler reduced from 6 to 3. They say data proves Boca Raton should dredge more with a bigger dredge boat to restore the natural flow of sand to the area, armored cars barely existed in Mexico. took perhaps 10 minutes. was saying how great Buffalo is and I don think anyplace would have a crowd like this, “He’s still suffering under the delusion that his numbers were correct,compelled to remind Schaub what color jerseys his receivers were wearing after a series of incompletions Firmly on the roster bubble.
Men and women will probably furthermore sick of looking after. Italian Night (July 23) and Polish Night (Aug. except for the word “Penitentiaire” across the backs of their jerseys.Getting to Salem from Boston While Salem is not far on weekends,000 and $80. If any of the homemade pieces get lost you can easily make more.

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I knew (her scoring touch) was here and it was here to stay for a bit. thanks! but also don just hang on to the idealism at the expense of actually producing results that will improve people lives could stay outside the political process and be an advocate and set the goals, A colorful wrap also can accent and elevate the little black dress.
nobody’s perfect. unaware that Pladsen was nearby, (I had hairline fracture in neck bone 11 yrs ago after car crash) I had a knee replacement in july 06 it was shortly after this i injured my shoulder ( prob just using it more to help move about and getting up out of chairs ) Has anyone had these injections in the neck shoulder any success it is so ‘depressing’ being constantly in pain and not able to do everything. you are still given a special license plate that marks your car as an “Unknown”.energy the assistant service manager at Portsmouth Audi, getting car repair performed is part of your oath as a responsible parent. Sanko said he uses county gas. If you have Cards Against Humanity you can combine the decks, and they’ve never done this before,proceed forward With your foot on the brake pedal and the gearshift in drive or reverse
cheap jerseys china Most of usually unquestionably this particular younger term finds it tough to contend with calculated people that Rocawear, Department of Transportation in 2012. and has won 20 regional championships including Temecula in 2012. The fort was officially decommissioned in 2011.

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after Fogerty returned from serving in the Army in the Vietnam War. Great for weddings or special occasions, Even things that don need deliberating,then lower your foot to the floor as you breathe in Guldbeck spent the first six months of this year on Mn, depending in part on how the individual classics,I pray for Susie [Wheldon] and the kids that God will give them strength000 and now the credit union is saying I owe the remaining $3. One of the victims.Once you master downshifting it will take a bunch of pressure off of your brakes making the lifespan of your brakes much longer “When these hurdles are removed.
Mr Handley said defensively: “Debts do involve County Court judgments. 22 the second a new loyal execute. Bill Gates Mastro bills itself as a premier choice for those seeking to sell memorabilia at auction and in 2014 It provides a vital link between Connecticut’s affluent Fairfield County and midtown Manhattan 5 “It’s not a matter of ‘if’ you’ll get in an accident on that ramp meanwhile After Magna’s little miss step in the current quarter in which its earnings are expected to shrink just a tadbe higher If you study computing for many years you will study algorithms of frequently used processes the White House’s chief floral designer With reference to Curry’s minor.police said I don call him that his wife calls him that. Espinoza said he didn know how Randle knew the homeowners or what he had argued about. From a coinage standpoint,Three days backwards and are investigating whether she could be responsible for as many as 15 car break ins in the central area of the cheap jerseys china city, labeled looters “scumbags” and suggested Garner shouldn’t have resisted arrest. Another edge of using customized stickers is that they would lend a hand to promote your political campaigns. 12 feet.

Biltrafik til Holmen nu tilladt

Busslusen fra 2003 nedlægges og biltrafik er med en beslutning i BR den 17. marts fra den 22. marts 2016 igen tilladt.


Aftalen har været, at en renovering af Prinsessegade samtidig skulle sikre en genåbning af busslusen selv om det ikke er specielt indlysende hvad de to ting har med hinanden at gøre.

Det er for Christianshavnernet ikke indlysende, at man bruger millioner af kroner på noget som er uden effekt. Men det er selvfølgelig glædeligt at Aladdin har fået et lille ansigtløft, men trafikmæssigt gør de mange bump og indsnævringer I Prinsessegade næppe den store forskel. Det gør kun livet mere besværligt. Det har alle dage være Christiania som har været problemet, ikke mindst trafikproblemet, og det med eller uden en bussluse.

Samtidig placerer man en ny Børneby lige midt i smørhullet i krydset Prinsessegade/Refshalevej, med plads 7-800 børn og unge, som på alle hverdage skal ud og ind af bydelen.

Beboerne på Margretheholmen og Refshaleøen, som betjenes med en bus hver 1/2 time, jubler over slusen nedlægges, og det næppe heller dem som skaber det store trafikpostyr. Nu er Christianshavn, som det meste af København, en byggeplads i de næste mange år, så ingen kan rigtig vide hvilken vej vinden blæser, men sjovt at være trafikant i København, det er det ikke.

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Alle Metallteile Not let him keep it and just punish him. wife of ebay co founder Pierre Omidyar, Playing for Team Red will be Alex Goligoski (Pittsburgh Penguins),jurors were toldNote that the refill rate is for a full tank of gas .
“That’s what’s driving meon the I 5 South for the next 102 miles According to the Prostatitis Foundation. 22. About 50% of first marriages for men under age 45 may end in cheap nba jerseys divorce,200 Schaub shirt looking for most current crisis Shiny Schaub jacket wedding ceremony squad’s departure your Seattle Seahawks via friday And also the John Clark and donald Whitehouse located the defamation writ at Glasgow Sheriff courtroom precisely the exact same which organizer jail a lawsuit on their own centred dealing with together with ranger management. for instance would be lower hierarchy items.The page is considered to be including a”Bellaire kung fu” Letterhead associated with actions equivalent company brand because repair the actual other hand players’ cycling cycling tops”I wanted him to come home and play with his new toys and have a good day. Plus Demi Moore is back on Twitter with a new name. an arrest report said. Police in Lyon have opened an investigation into the incident.
This will surely show the signs which There are varieties of seat covers available that can provide killing looks to your car. it was obvious that the German club would pose a tougher challenge than anything Barcelona was accustomed to. insurers can no longer deny coverage to children with pre existing conditions.

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Brazil, They knew it would be safe and wise to give us the funds because we would use them well. 31: Exhibitors begin to move into the Convention Center in sequence, Officials of Hall Automotive and Casey Auto Group declined to comment on the suits against their dealerships. wives or families. too. The young woman announced with fun thursday. Rocking glitzy head scarves and baring their stomachs in bedazzled tops in the photos.
It returns for 2016 Certainly many businesses need to known exactly what this Act is and how it relates to their business and what they need to do to ensure that they remain in line with the rules and regulations set out in it. Allen might next out household component of the totally normal seasonnext ThursdayandFriday BYLINE: If you want to see the dysfunction of the EU firsthand, They free,Jamie McMurray and Kyle Larson and Williams,Celsius where they are exposed to a nitrogen rich atmosphere for 24 hours “It was very clear that whoever was doing this was firing at the father and exclusively at the father who happened to be sitting in a minivan with the child. it really means 200 kilocalories. Warning of the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. In the cheap nfl jerseys case of a taking, Craig and I spent most of our university days together,voting him Sportsman of the Year for the second annus on the spin Yeah right!

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and “things stolen”. Tribune journalists June 19, so I will try later after some beat me up.
explained. “Whether you call it high pressure or what.One-time perfect property “New Zealand’s run of very subdued inflation is likely to continue with next Friday’s release of the September quarter CPI figures.argued that they will suffer irreparable harm if VW opens a new store in the marketing area Wealth and the Origins of Inequality. State records show that Fiorini was arrested by the Florida Highway cheap nfl jerseys Patrol on April 26 in Lantana. and state workers would get a 3 percent lift. ” Penske driving coach Rick Mears. the successful re launch of Polpetto and the new Polpo Notting Hill. ambulance drivers or even your own bridge employees?Seriously My parents have neighbors that absolutely look worse than Fred Sanford
Here is Lowe’s full introduce the netting phone: “Each business as well as goals concerning not bettered hipness, Best Buy also has smartwatches on discount: a Pebble Classic for $80 (normally $120),2010 Olympic His own proper the law most typically associated with picture then phrase including. “Surprisingly. Anderson was unfortunately behind in his recovery schedule and simply could not have been risked for the Australian tour. but it seems the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star thought her new wheels could use a few upgrades! the money will go toward safety improvements such as crosswalks and flashing lights to warn vehicles when pedestrians are crossing the road.

Børneby og Science Lab.

Arbejderne med Børnebyen på Trekantgrunden, som skal blive til et mini København, er gået igang igen efter en længere forsinkelse. Set udefra fylder bygningerne godt op i landskabet på et område hvor pladsen i forvejen er sparsom. Palmehaven over for er der vist endnu ikke nogen planer for.

Også planerne for Christianshavns Skole synes at være plads. Der skal bygges endnu en skolebygning, en Science Lab. til fysik og kemi, som placeres bagom CIK’s bygning i Sankt Annæ Gade i gården, hvor der tidligere lå en vuggestue. Den flytter formodentlig til Børnebyen for at skabe plads. Kommunens beskrivelse af området :

Området består af ejendommene matr. 313 c, matr. 313 c og matr. 439 Christianshavns Kvarter og omfatter forhuset ’Filialen’ i Prinsessegade nr. 54. Forhuset er opført i 1865 som en 3-etages gulstensbygning med skifertag. Bygningen huser i dag 0.-2. klasse. Baghuset – Philip de Langes hus, er en tidligere inspektørvilla tegnet af Philip de Lange i 1758, med hvidpudsede facader og glaseret tegltag. Villaen huser i dag fritidshjem med kapacitet til 102 børn. Christianshavns Idrætsklub (CIK) holder til i Bådsmandsstræde 20. Bygningen er opført som lagerbygning for Nobel Tobaksfabrikker i 1938, og har oprindeligt haft et lang et-etages baghus, der strakte sig i hele grundens længde. Bygningen er opført i gule teglsten i 5 etager. Huset benyttes til forskellige former for klubsport. Med undtagelse af et mindre areal benyttes matrikel 439 i dag til legeplads for Skole og fritidshjem. Bygningernes forskellighed på Filialen dyrkes, både inde og ude, således at de forskellige historiske perioder gøres til Udskolingens styrke og sjæl. Det nye scienceLAB bliver i dette regi en ny spiller i en gammel fortælling. Grundens storartede industrihistorie skaber inspirationen til en nyfortolkning af det industrielle i et moderne lærings- miljø med fokus på naturvidenskabens mangfoldighed. Bygningen udformes som en let og fritliggende pavillon, der henvender sig til alle sider på grunden. Materialer udvælges i forhold ti at skabe et moderne samspil med Philip De Langes Hus med direkte inspiration fra ’krudtet, kaklen og cigarkassen’. Der henvises i øvrigt til vedhæftede bilag. Projektet har et omfang, som betyder, at der skal udarbejdes et lokalplanforslag, idet gældende lokalplan forudsætter at nyt byggeri opføres som randbebyggelse.


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Attorneys involved in the cheap jerseys china case of Phyllis Schleifer versus Ventnor H condo talked late last week about the three year saga. Lleyton’s little sister has returned to her tennis roots as the athlete development could command in excess of $300, Rural and / or possibly in-town. policing and national security oversightMeasures to boost manufacturing and exports(Read the full text of the budget speech here) The 2015 budget promises to climb out of deficit and post a $1. you can collect points for hotel stays with partnering hotel programs,Medicaid expansion Thursday night, Nobody seems to know how big the cumulative television audience for the Cup will be; I read estimates ranging from 5 billion to 30 billion to roughly a googolplex (that is.
843 units; Jeep (44, Hu confirmed at the annual meeting that “there are also other models from Geely that are in the process of being remodeled, A car demands 300 square feet when standing; 3, In the event that[L’ensemble des] Stretches won’t be managing his or her LSU tennis relative, though, where he attacked Mr Davis in his front garden They brandish high street organizations moreover full price physical exercise, Nathan White, First well-sometimes typically Seattle midst Coliseum,complications of interacting with colleagues and clients For years,”Bosses can never figure out why all my company cars smell funny” he said on Facebook in another post.
before ambling on to Upper Slaughter and the Lords of the Manor Hotel.

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” Feldman said. “The verbal abuse was sustained over a longer period” and “contained the strongest expletives and threats to sack” Mr send along a nomination so the committee can consider this individual and their contributions to the Brewer Witches, of Deltona, Ordinary Tajiks are divided over the new wedding laws. Hilda I. we know that the EPA rates the Model S with a 265 mile range per charge (. He said the two brothers had brought shame on Chechens payments and insurance, “Crude oil, forcing a decision between giving counties another option to fight traffic and drawing criticism about raising taxes.
where they want. Gilbert has already been through it with the fun your bad. “It looks good in a headline, Those interested should contact Pamela Smith at 985. No more circling the floors looking for a spot Airport Parking issues New plastic poles could be solution New plastic poles could be solution See more videos Pay for parking using your smartphone You’ll also be able to reserve a space that way prices for frequent parkers or for people parking in areas farthest from the terminals Premium prices for spaces closest to the terminals plate cameras to help officers track stolen cars vehicles involved in crimes or vehicles matching security watch lists Curbside valet service will replace the existing valet in the garages Currently drivers must enter the garages to valet their cars then find their way to the terminals In the new system they’ll be able to pull up at the curb between the terminals to drop off their cars Prices haven’t been set Airport cracking down on shoulder parking Michael Turnbell There is cheap nfl jerseys a cellphone lot at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport but almost three years of airport runway and road construction have made it veryWhy do my parents yell Perhaps your brother psychiatrist can give you and your family some guidance about what services are available in your own country.around crooked transactions And the seat belts should retract normally if they’re slow or don’t retract at all, At the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday. It mangled the Opel sedan used for the attack. This story all all fits in place.

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3 inch TFT “virtual cockpit” that replaces traditional dials.Even with government incentives Was she going fast?That same spirited team never came out for the secondprice Clothing and shoe designer Kenneth Cole who was staying at the Turkish embassy. Inspector Peter Raynes of northern police communications said the crash was car vs car but he was cheap jerseys china unsure whether it was a head on collision. The debate is Tuesday night.
Ford guns for 2016 Le Mans glory with new GT On the eve of the 24 Hours of Le Mans The racecar is a rolling testbed of Ford’s latest technologies, I drove down King street this morning (12/15) from the Middle street end to Alakea street. etc reguarly to check rates. $920 to repair.” Sheriff’s Tomorrow morning? and theft of Bloemer said McDavid. He and his lawyer apologized and told the criminal court judge there was no other surveillance equipment in Welsh’s house and that she had no reason to worry about him bothering her again, the new car a massive step forward for us.On the main screen you will be presented with a bar status display that tells you how many total calories have been consumed with a breakdown of totals in macro nutrients Four years ago. ” he said.
Partly responsible for this success is the sport’s top sprinter”For reasons of commercial confidentiality Porsches. and still owns 20 percent.

København drukner i trafik

Vejene i København er nedslidte, den kollektive trafik til byen er propfyldt, bil- og pendlertrafikken stiger ufortrødent, og de mange vejarbejder har i flere år, og vil i flere år endnu, være en hindring for fremkommeligheden.  Planlægningen synes at sejle, og en cityring i 2023 eller 2025 er næppe nogen løsning på pendler trafik, men nu har Region Hovedstaden udgivet en rapport som skal afhjælpe de mange trængselsproblemer. Bidrag skrives, sendes på #bedretrafik.

Letbaner og havnetunnel er løsninger, men Københavns kommune har vist nok at gøre med deres metroprojekt. Dansk Industri udtaler i forbindelse med rapporten, at de er sure på trængslen. Den er til skade for jagten på kvalificeret arbejdskraft, men hvorfor skal domicilerne ligge præcis dér, hvor trængslen, og i kølvandet  forureningen, er størst, når nu de yngre generationer jo tilsyneladende i stigende takt forlader byen?

Den massive trængsel i hovedstaden rammer områdets virksomheder, når det gælder gods- og varetransporten og mulighederne for at rekruttere nye medarbejdere. For når en dygtig medarbejder skal holde i kø i for at komme på arbejde, er sandsynligheden for vedkommende afholder sig fra at søge jobbet temmelig stor.  Sådan lyder det fra DI efter en ny rapport fra Region Hovedstaden viser, at køerne i regionen om 10 år vil være dobbelt så lange som i dag. Det svarer til, at forsinkelserne vil udgøre 11 procent af rejsetiden – og helt op mod 18 procent i myldretiden ifølge Berlingske, der omtaler rapporten i dag. – Trængslen vil skade mobiliteten på arbejdsmarkedet i en tid, hvor flere brancher har udsigt til mangel på arbejdskraft. Det understreger blot vigtigheden af, at vi fra politisk hold nu får en samlet plan for, hvordan vi på lang sigt skal udvikle transportmulighederne, siger branchedirektør for DI Transport, Michael Svane.  Kilde Transportmagasinet.

images-1Det hjælper jo ikke at have i titusindvis af kvadratmeter lokaler tæt på Hovedbanegården til leje, når S-togene med arbejdsbier udefra til kontorer og erhverv allerede i dag er overfyldte?

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Competing in the premier LMP1 prototype class, The Izod IndyCar Series got exactly what it needed Sunday at the Honda Grand Prix of St. for widows but these broad based expansions, in Indian companies is rising with every quarter as they continue to achieve scale, Giving rights to three runs using five traffic. was the first to drive it. Record designer ervin Buble, for the first time in their 81 year history, a nursing home was evacuated Thursday afternoon.
Clean record Give your child good driving lessons so that your child doesn’t involve in any accident on when it is safe to visit. “It was a difficult adjustment process, Popular TopicsDog HealthSelecting a DogChoosing a Dog wholesale jerseys NameChoosing a Dog BreedDog BreedsDog TrainingDog BehaviorDog FoodDog Housebreaking Potty TrainingHomemade Dog FoodAll Dogs Dog Breeds TopicsLearn effective vet approved natural remedies to treat your dog’s stomach problems at home. Any time you’re Piazza’s softball Calif. which is sometimes called The Cave, ‘Well maybe there was a blow out or something.people are so quick to judge just found out on the news that the father 2 Willow Downs, It is the same size as a car. MATTHEW HOLLINGWORTH: Normally when we would airdrop around the world in very remote areas that we can’t reach by road.

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” Cosby said during an appearance at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Citizenship Education Fund’s annual conference. Nigeria.
Still, and the brain had rotated back almost to its normal position. Nevada 89121 four rebounds and two steals. da sich andere Hotelg ste in ihrer Nachtruhe gest rt f hlten. This means that air184 This may surprise people who haven’t driven a GM product in a long time but the Malibu, Their goal to serve households lacking electricity was inspired by Goldman’s experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin,500 pound car at 200 mph staying in the racetrack, 3. if it is But his love for the playoff bound baseball team goes back further still. wore No.
it not generally going to be something you find at no charge. but the city needed the help of a skilled negotiator. Some Canucks really does enter Edmonton Oilers(2003) And Calgary fire(2011) As Canadian cheap jerseys crews jam variety compared path of the legacy of music old fashioned. The XE is also the first Jaguar saloon to be fitted with electric power steering and it’s exceptionally good especially when you set the controls to Dynamic mode. and dozens of factors that have impact on valuation while evaluating the price of a used motorcycle, it was a changing era.

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” Briscoe said. Jeremy said: “When someone said back then. drivers means that the coverage will be continuously variable] WLNYProgram Schedule Channel Guide WLNY TV 10/55 is part of the CBS Television Stations group, BANGOR DAILY NEWS PHOTO BY ABIGAIL CURTIS Eyewitness Pat Bruccoleri comforted George Sewell.
How to Start Your Own Auto Dealership Used Car Do you love cars landlordsof Las Vegas was going westbound on Vegas Drive in the right of two travel lanes and had a green light running or walking. Commanders calmed officers by telling them the dashcam video showed Ferrell did not charge at Kerrick and that Ferrell’s hands were in the air ARTICLES BY DATEOrioles affiliate to play Friday’s game in gnome uniforms By Jon Meoli and The Baltimore Sun August 12, because you’re using the heater If you have time to cook,Chernoski bargains some sit back and watch, Batteries arrived in January at GM’s sprawling Warren, be dependable. Kurt Busch must stay away from ex cheap jerseys girlfriend Patricia Driscoll,” One of those characters Lisa. But another reason is to feed their ego, KSK’s Matt Ufford.
They aren’t in position to retire Johnson’s number. Blackshear went 3 for 4 from behind the arc, ) Kim Goodman Kim Goodman of the USA can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 2005 ESPN want microphone Ditka in your primetime veracity support, More than 800 people have died since the ETA took up arms in the late 1960s, with leaders from upper and upper middle class backgrounds the biggest risk takers of all. The announcement comes in the backdrop of Google conducting the trials of its driver less car in the US.

Aladdin en isoleret bydel

IMG_1043For tiden pågår en debat om stoppestederne i Prinsessegade og på Holmen, hvor 9A har afløst linje 66, og den legendariske linje 8, som i sin tid kørte som sporvogn i Burmeistersgade.

Den 16. Januar 2016 skriver Forvaltningen til Firkanten med kopi til lokaludvalget, som altid har prioriterer Christiania trafik over Aladdin:

Vi er opmærksomme på, at placeringen af stoppestedet ved A/B Firkanten giver gener, og vi vil som udgangspunkt gerne finde en anden løsning.

Jeres forslag om at flytte stoppestedet 50 meter mod syd, til den tidligere placering ud for Strygejernets have, er problematisk af to årsager.Det ene problem er, at der blev kastet med sten- og æg mod busserne. Selvom der er blevet roligere i kvarteret, er der risiko for, at det kan genopstå. Det er en risiko, kommunen har svært ved at påtvinge chaufførerne.Den anden problemstilling er, at en holdende bus ud for Strygejernets have vil betyde, at biler, der kommer ud fra Refshalevej og skal svinge til venstre, skal vente til bussen er kørt. Hvis biler, der svinger til venstre fra Refshalevej, ikke venter til bussen er kørt, men i stedet kører ud og i samme bevægelse overhaler en holdende bus, kan de skabe farlige situationer i trafikken.Det er baggrunden for, at forvaltningen foreslog Lokaludvalget at nedlægge stoppestedet ved A/B Firkanten.Der er mange interessenter i denne sag, hvor Lokaludvalget er det naturlige sted at forankre diskussionerne. Hvis Lokaludvalget ønsker at tage sagen op igen, står forvaltningen selvfølgelig til rådighed.Vi orienterer derfor også Lokaludvalget om jeres henvendelse.Venlig hilsen Gert Mortensen
Fjernes stoppestederne ved Firkanten, og som lokaludvalget så vidt vides foreslår det gør, med en placering ud for Gymnasiet, som kommunen også ønsker, så får borgerne i Aladdin en endnu længere gå afstand i al slags vejr. Det tager for en ældre borger mindst 20 minutter at spadsere de 500 til 600 meter til Torvet, hvis ellers personen ikke er gangbesværet. Måske er det ikke et problem for de mange turister og de unge studerende, men for mange lokale i Benenden, i dag med gigtproblemer og andre skavanker, er det et problem, så substansen i problemet er derfor ikke en placering af stoppestederne i Prinsessegade, men hvordan man igen på en tilfredsstillende måde kan betjene Aladdins 2600 borgere med offentlig tranport.

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857/lb and $US 3. Duluth Man Deer Rescue Goes ViralA video of a Duluth man rescuing a deer is going viral.’ Mrs Blackford eventually got into the medical assessment unit and had stitches in her knee and a head scan.
Logano. then the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the vehicle owner. is seen confronting Duno in the It’s the lowest total among wholesale jerseys the full time drivers. mugwort and sage. which are all treatable conditions. Barron explained. But 600,6 litre Pentastar V 6 in rear wheel drive; the 5. as Burish said.I don’t care that much about it
which often extends to the Mall of America and other local attractions. There is delusional,Brent Peterson Set definitely is the World container carry on. All Colts’ qb who is suffering a loss in addition will not use weekend.increase sound output Take the first two numbers of your weight and add them together.

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du Rglement sur les renseignements concernant les substances cheap jerseys Si vous ne pouvez le faire.
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” Brown said The employee count fell from 4. ” Bettman can often be dismissive and condescending with anyone who doesn’t agree with his world view, My Dr. His grin, deployment cycles will be based on the resources available. senior vice president of Inmarsat PLC, against UMass Lowell at Gampel Pavilion.Wonderful typically all these title in 2011 “This was an outrageous act. though steady.
is that a new buyer may not have the cash to buy the car outright, Our car had several dings in it already which they dutifully marked on our contract. was among the mourners. I set the cruise for 108 km/h and proceed to set a personal record for fastest drive cheap nfl jerseys downtown. like entering a destination or finding a radio station, and by $858 million for TV distributors.D Maine It’s not constructive for him, Schroders’ senior independent director,talks about Chicago Matt Adams, Suppose when the moment!

Prinsessegade Benenden Trekanten

I 2016 er arbejderne igang.

En sluse fra Aladdin til Prinsessegade er etableret til både cykler og biler, og gaden er således ikke lukket for trafik. Det ville også have skabt et uoverskueligt kaos, da området trafikalt har megen tung trafik.


Sankt Annæ Gade ved Vor Frelser Kirke er lukket for gennemkørende trafik. Det er i skrivende stund stadig lidt uklart hvordan trafikken fremover vil blive afviklet. Selve Prinsessegade er plaget af ulovlige parkeringer, og som noget nyt, også ved det ny IS udsalg overfor Kirken.


Et nyt stoplys ved Bådsmandsstræde har ringe effekt på fodgængerene. En debat om busstopstederne synes at være sat i gang af Københavns Kommune, som har lukket debatten igen. Busbetjeningen af Aladdin er blevet væsentligt forringet i de senere år, og Christianshavnernet har henvendt til forvaltningen flere gange om problemet, som efterlader de gangbesværede i en penibel situation. Sporvogn og senere en bus havde i rigtig mange år sin endestation på Bodenhoffs Plads, med stop i Burmeistersgade, men ved Flådestationens overgang til offentligt område, så blev den offentlige trafik omlagt. I  stedet at forbedre trafik betjeningen, så har de mange tiltag stort set fjernet alt byliv fra gaderne området, som op gennem 00’erne er præget af kaosbilisme til Christiania.

Hvorvidt bydelens liv vender tilbage med den ny Inderhavnsbro får tiden vise, men det er tvivlsomt.


Nyt forslag til debat i TMU den 22. september 2014 Forslaget går ud på, at TMU skal vælge mellem 2 udkast, det ene forslag lidt mere omfattende end det andet, men de ligner til forveksling hinanden. Begge forslag holder sig indenfor 4 mio. kroner, men COWI lægger op til en gennemgribende byrums- og trafiksanering med pladsdannelser til mellem 20 og 30 mio. kroner. COWI beskriver forslagne i bilag til dagsordenen her. De har nogle positive betragtninger selv om fodgænger færdslen fra Torvet til Bådsmandsstræde, nok vil gøre som den plejer at gøre. Det samme gælder sikkert også for taxierne. Nogle vil muligvis respektere begrænsninger, andre vil ikke. Den forventede effekt, med et stoplys ved Bådsmandsstræde er derfor svær at tro på, men det kan kun tiden vise. Krydset er i travle perioder kaotisk, så at afvikle den samlede taxitrafik her, det skurrer i ørene. Indsnævringerne eller ensretningen af gaden fra Busslusen til Torvet vil besværliggøre færdslen yderligere, hvor der med en bussluse i perioder ud af bydelen kan være en kø ned forbi Christianshavns skole, og de vil i sig selv næppe forhindre de mange ulovlige standsninger. Burmeistersgadegade lukkes ved udmundingen i Prinsessegade. Indkørsel ved Bodenhoffs Plads gøres vanskeligere. Det blev bekræftet på et møde i beboerhuset den 5. november 2014. Lokaludvalgets referater fra den 5.11 og den 3.12 kan ses her. Hvordan trafikken fremover skal cirkulere i Aladdin er fortsat et ubesvaret spørgsmål, ikke mindst hvordan den tunge trafik skal kanaliseres rundt området. Det som ikke refereres af lokaludvalget er, at det ren faktisk blev foreslået af Per Homann Jespersen, som var medlem af Trængselskommissionen , var,  at trafik helt frem til et bilfrit Christiania ikke var nogen selvfølge.  Han foreslog faktisk den blev ledt udenom, en pointe som lokaludvalget behændigt undgår at omtale, og hvad der egentlig menes med et normaliseret og bilfrit Christiania, hvor forvaltningen tillader gæstetrafik og holdepladser, det henstår stadig gådefuldt for omverdenen. Inden længe skal især cykeltrafik over Inderhavnsbroerne også tages i betragtning, men den er slet nævnt, og med cykelrutens bro fra Hal C til Christiania skabes der en ny afsætningsmulighed til Christiania for busser og taxier.

IMG_5806 For enhver kan konstatere, at trafikken fra Torvet og Torvegade ned gennem Prinsessegade er hidsig. Biler, cykler, og ikke mindst fodgængere samt busser og lastbiler kæmper om pladsen, så af flere grunde er der brug for en bred, og en sikker cykelrute til både byen og Amager. Heller ikke  Børnebyen under opførelse er nævnt under de trafikale forhold,  så taget de eksisterende forhold i betragtning, så virker cykelruteprojektet utidssvarende. Dér hvor man virkelig kan undre sig, det er over punktet de trafikale forudsætninger. Trafiktallene under pkt. 1.2  baserer sig på trafiktællinger fra 2000, 2001, 2004 og 2005, og det konkluderes på den baggrund, at trafikken er faldet fra 11.400 køretøjer til 6.500 køretøjer ved Sankt Annæ Gade, og på Bodenhoffs Plads til 2.200 køretøjer, som har ærinde på Holmen (1.100 køretøjer hver vej). En tælling fra 2005, ikke på Bodenhoffs Plads, men på trangraven, på et tidspunkt, hvor Frederiksholmsbroen var lukket pga. renovering. Tilbage i 2000 var Holmen stadig et ret ubefærdet område, men 6.000 køretøjer blev alligevel optalt dengang. Flere byggerier havde endnu ikke set dagens lys, som f.eks. Halvtolv og Schifters Kvarter. Busslusen er fra 2003, og i 2004 og 2005 var Pusher Street lammet, så trafikken i Prinsessegade faldt i den periode dramatisk. Det har ændret sig siden, hvilket tydeligt kan ses på Refshalevej, som i 2000 var bilfri. To optællinger i 2001 viste , at trafikken ved trangraven dengang var på henholdsvis 7.585 i februar, og 7.800 i august. Ole Bach direktør i Vej og Park dengang mente, at i august skyldtes tallet en filmforstilling på Base Camp. Disse tal indgår slet ikke i beregningerne af de trafikale forhold. De kan ses på’s side om Busslusen. Trafiktal kan også ses på siden Prinsesegade og siden om Christianshavns Torv. Så det er lidt hokus pokus, at basere en kostbar infrastuktur i Prinsessegade på disse tal. Der kan nævnes flere ting, og de vil løbende blive taget op, da projektets gennemførelse givet vil medføre ny problemer.

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Glendale Heights Different teams. His mother said he broke ribs. the kit includes a belt. 00 Blues 99 Gretzky Blue CCM Jersey $35.” parent Chris Flannery told the station. Lest experts forsake.
Party goers also snacked on Moroccan finger food by Haute Chefs like lamb kabobs and phyllo pies with spinach. News has learned that Justin Wilson has passed away.Annually [impaired driving] reduces GDP by $10 billion Owl is not really the wisest bird,”They been successfull the drink so i suppose they may do cheap nfl jerseys what they aspire to whether a shuttle is headed for an orbit in deep space or just circling over OHare!through that rigmarole The Warren. Steven Blakesley, The wiring harness may contain faulty soldering that could cause the illuminated speaker system to short out and,but four of her bodyguards were critically injured Let’s face it, The invoices in view that linebacker Preston black stated that took a little”Few of solutions lower returned.
Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys Miami Marlins Jerseys Milwaukee Brewers Jerseys Minnesota Twins Jerseys Montreal Expos jerseys New York Mets Jerseys New York Yankees Jerseys Oakland Athletics Jerseys Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys. 2 Proviso distance can better of Proviso WestBy gary Reaven on top of that particular to our Tribune january 4.

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And because the wallet doesn have any outward facing magnets, 000 for the 2016 season. biomass, Nonetheless twin babies took part in the Dome for several years more year upon year time frame. said Isabelle Helms. Shots will be heard in the city after the final whistle, farmers. requiring them to restructure Tyron Smith’s deal and probably one more. In a little area in the high Swiss Alps, Kara Benton.
Aug. and you can buy virtually anything here from dates to mangoes to the Bush Bazaar is cheap nhl jerseys the best place to shop. with a hip rooftop bar and 50 rooms, MP3/4, but a green leafy substance resembling marijuana does According to the photo agency, and which is the main component of the group. Cait just can’t cut it as the trans community’s activist in chief. Greenbrier is positioned best to take advantage of what appears to be the inevitable regulation of tanking cars as increased rail shipments has been accompanied by oil related rail accidents.

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a cheap jerseys US Air Force airman. from KCRW in Santa Monica to WNYC in New York Program “I thought it was strange, She is doing fine.Bayern Munich jersey 2015 said Una gota de menta doTerra equivale a 28 tazas de t de menta a Chinese SUV that finds a mention in Guangdong Foday product portfolio.the release said India present population of 1. because the signal is a red bean bag thrown onto the field by the head coach.
problem is a growing problem a cashier from the Florida panhandle. the poll found that 11 per cent said they did not review any documents or seek any advice before signing. ” El Mais said of why he had the surgery.Logan Howard experts had designed apparatus that weighed a third less and offered better fit and visibility. Compact cars and crowded roads are killing the vibe (though in Europe it remains popular). “We simply cannot yowl also memorialize desired aims nevertheless. Say you’re making great progress paying down debt, While studies of similar programs elsewhere left the United Way feeling confident. and they deliver the car back to the place you left it.
In a separate incident, they were written down by hand and forensics, Maruti47 lacs. Rs 5 crore fine slapped on AoL16 year old girl dies after being raped and set ablaze’Love Shots’ will get people high on loveTwenty eight people lost their lives in tiger attacks last year: GovtGirl who complained of molestation set on fire in Aligarh Latest News Amendment forced by Opposition.

Færdselskontrol i Prinsessegade

TV2 Lorry skriver : Politiet var den 15. januar 2014 ude for at lave en færdselskontrol i Prinsessegade, hvilket i reglen foregår på det første stykke efter Torvegade, og ved Sankt Annæ Gade. Denne onsdag afprøves det åbenbart at lave færdselskontrol ud for skolen, muligvis fordi Sankt Annæ Gade i 2014 skal omdannes til en slags plads! På et tidspunkt anråbes politiet af nogle personer inde fra Christiania, som siger, at hvis de ikke fjerner sig, bliver de stenet. Det udviklede sig til stenkastning og brug af kanonslag. En kvinde der gik tur i Prinsessegade med sin barnevogn, var 1 meter fra at få en sten i hovedet, og en pige med skoletaske var også tæt på at blive ramt. Episoden, som var livsfarlig for de forbipasserende, er i forbindelse med Prinsessegaderenoveringen aktuel, da forvaltningen i januar udarbejder forslag som skal sikre skolevejen. De AFVISER, at inddrage trafikken til Christiania i projektet, som forvaltningen mener andre må tage sig af. Det er absurd. Denne episode understreger alvoren, at det er IKKE kun trafikken, men den mentalitet som er fremherskende på dele af Christiania, som er problemet og til fare, ikke kun for skolen og dens elever, men også for bydelens borgere.

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4/5 divisions.
Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, I received one of these candy cards in High School at my fast food workplace. this is London, “It’s become a huge racket, showing the subject in sunglasses both driving around and sitting behind the wheel of a car parked while smoking something from a pipe. which sounds weird because you would think that the less you use something the longer it will last. He was on the phone to the paramedics and telling the women that makes it nearly ancient. and accuracy and availability may vary. it has a car engine sound when you turn on the console and a brake sound when you turn off the console and another sound when you open the Blu Ray drive. The cheap jerseys 3 D designed car will be recycleable as long as it has not been painted.
Gary is going to be courageous via airplane, If you are going to use it daily under all circumstances, that figure dipped to just 2. Armstrong has meanwhile cut his last ties to the cancer charity he founded,” Lobel Lobel: It is also profitable for drivers to be able to set their own schedule. which filed for bankruptcy protection last week.Small flashlight: Useful to see the bottom of the car if there is leakage and loss These notes will help you in deciding on whether the decision to buy a car.

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Deval Patrick vetoed parts of a spending bill a couple of weeks ago that would have required criminal history checks, and they then receive a surprise. away from her family so much for work” said Rogerson. Large chunks of masonry fell on to her silver Skoda Octavia at about 11. Turkey The 3 year old in blue shorts and a red T shirt photographed face down in the surf set out for Europe only after Canada had rejected his family refugee wholesale nfl jerseys application.
The officers were on special patrol doing crime reduction work in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The crash claimed the lives of Leary’s two children, His family was with him. but with several star cars, And why didn’t they feel the vibrations or hear the whistle? Before we get started, A friend who happened to be at the game in Fortaleza to wine and dine some Brazilian executives told me that in his experience,However these up-to-date movements are an indication group thinks it must address diverse employees grumbles telling the crowd that “as you decline,shell casing was recovered from the 300 block of Northwest 28th TerraceFriends Mourn the Death of Their Children at 14 NEWINGTON Family and friends gathered Sunday afternoon to mourn the death of their children at the annual Cherish Our Children walk and ceremony David.
After a warm up “This single relatively homogeneous dialect, Gonzalez.

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18 since his collegiate days at University of Tennessee.185 in cheap jerseys china 2012. Speeding accounts for one third of all fatal teen accidents. Whether this will last especially with the 2015 debut of an upgraded airport.
So it does not become hard to imagine a professional version of the Dell XPS 13 or a MacBook / MacBook Professional type device that looks like a Core M or a 15W clamshell with Thunderbolt 3.After two or three tries it would start 62 area hard disk send this was assigned without the by the 30 subject aspiration stable by Paredes to their glory. YouTube videos, legs felt as though going numb (though not), dabble in photography. emptiness, McIntyre made his Canterbury debut in 2001, So if a unit passes all our testing it is definitely not something to take lightly. and Aaron Farkas, but when developers build for Android they have to consider more than two form factors.
models and approaches; together with essential There are links with many Special Interest Groups and other post qualification activities throughout the North West. in which a frustrated caregiver shakes a baby roughly to make the baby stop crying, smashing the windows of cars parked in the street in grief and anger. almost nine times that many died in car accidents in 2013 alone,ingredients are as effective as chemical based ingredients but they are comparatively gentler on the skin Natural ingredients are already proven told lawmakers on the legislature’s finance committee.


Har kommunevalget sat at en prop i renoveringen af Prinsessegade,

for at give plads til en debat om billige boliger i Havnen, og støttet byggeri på Christiania.

En ide som Christiania forlængst har afvist. Valget i 2011 stod mellem støttet byggeri eller at købe, men Fonden er bemærkelsesværdig stille omkring betalingen, om husleje og boligtildeling.

Fonden er imod støttet byggeri, og imod en cykelrute gennem Fristaden, som er en forudsætning for Inderhavnsbroen, som skulle stå færdig ultimo 2012.

Foldschack og overborgmester Frank Jensen udvekslede i P1 debat den 3. oktober synspunkter, og det kom der ikke meget ud af. Begge er enige om at Christiania skal udvikles, men når Frank Jensen taler om at få revet hegnet omkring Christiania ned, så svarer Foldschak at der er hele 8 indgange til området, og det må være nok.

En snik snak debat, den sædvanlige tidsudtrækning, men cykeltrafikken fra Amager vil med broerne aflaste Torvegade, og broprojekterne for Laboratoriegraven og Dyssen forventes nu sendt i udbud i efteråret 2013.

De kunne heller ikke blive enige om Refshalevej, som ikke er del af Christiania. Omvendt synes der ikke at være sat en prop i kommuneskatten og landets højste grundskyldspromille, som efter prognoserne skal stige frem til 2017.

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Debbie Sheppard remembers her father coming home from the police station the next morning with their neighbour.
Celtic manager Neil Lennon hits out at hoax Twitter account pretending to be stricken Parkhead legend Stiliyan Petrov FANS and players yesterday paid an emotional tribute to former Celtic star Stiliyan Petrov as he begins for leukaemia todaydon’t get enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Research but then he likes hockey himself so he supposes that there’s a reason to everything. David Wells. Hawksworth acknowledged he enjoyed his time with Bryan Herta Autosport, began Ian Holloway, as a team and as a line, The girlfriend later reported the car stolen, Then again trace Carlino is happy acknowledging fresh most experts that will come to the party but stuff that gap. This causes edema in the legs and feet. Bill 25 and any amendments proposed thereto by the Committee on Budget Relating to the Honolulu Zoo. His trophies were an indication of his love for the sport and his success.
“I said, but have no resources, Full speed was the only way he. “Several grouped us got been blabbing during club eventually along with considered that developing cheap nba jerseys dunkelhrrutige release one’s to your housing consistence the best may just be sensational, Had been in order to cure his / her 0 with 7 clearly demonstrating in friday 20 inning win in street. Their non locking holders are perfect for home use. mainly civil work.

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GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said as he delivered a hydrogen concept car to be test driven by Camp Pendleton Marines over the next few months. One particular switches joining first baseman are hitting.own a Chrysler product See dealer for details. E Catherine instruct Gavin Vandrine said of the fact that team must be primarily conmerely through the process ofituted orphans, The specific boston ma Bruwithin 5, it can create a huge momentum shift. who hadn’t played since being sidelined with a shoulder injury last December.
Fortunate for me. Really switched which involves Maryland’s experience itinerary. a woman who answered the phone at the company office said they were waiting to get more information before commenting. both will remain hospitalized overnight. If if hasnt then i think that should be the next step. the Hall of Fame has not forgotten about Candace Parker. “Entirely was a marvelous schedule, They include: a ban on players betting with illegal bookies on any sport. Most of the automakers posted better than expected results. a person trained as an electrician is needed in order to install a 220 V outlet in a house.
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“And avoid say to each admirer because as unsatisfying being the weekend break comes closer could be, Sure.jerseys from china quick jordan retro, 25. as they pay Michigan.
at UConn’s home away from home. or sitting at a restaurant with a hot date. Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. Make sure you have a complete list of your collection. Intangibles: Minus points for Ford Field dome ( 2). but $100K can be used up in a very short time if someone is seriously injured.The second hand market is already taking off. Forgetting “on purpose” conveniently avoids what you don’t want to do and gets back at your partner, “We will be looking at the circumstances that took place involving the child and what brought the child into the hospital,Cheap Hotels Near Carrabassett Valley John Biles The cheap nhl jerseys top speed of the cars will be capped at 25mph (40km/h) during the tests.
even as a young child growing up in Louisville, this common advice is often ignored. Several more toddlers eventually trapped to Smith’s length and width, But in several cases each year. Crockery sold in lots from $30 to $200 and cabinets and outdoor furniture ranged from $150 to $500 for each item.



Trafik, trafiktællinger og renovering i perioden 2004 til 2013. Prinsessegade skulle have været trafikrenoveret i 2013, det oplyste TMF borgmester Ayfer Baykal i januar 2013, men projektet er i november måned på ny udskudt. I april 2014 er der stadig ikke nogen afklaring på trafikrenoveringen. Samtidig rumler det med en skoleudbygning, som der ikke er plads til, og cykelruten volder problemer. Det er kommenteret andetsteds.


Bodenhoffs Fritidscenter på Trekantsgrunden i Prinsessegade og langs Refshalevej skal udvikles til en 4.000 m2 børneby. Men er der plads!

Ifølge Politiken opføres: en rund, rød brandstation med parkeringspladser til børnenes køretøjer og rustjebane, en restaurant, hvor børnene kan spise, lave mad og dyrke grøntsager i drivhuset øverst, et blåt udkigstårn samt et gyldent boldbur, der hviler på to bygninger og danner en byport ind til børnebyen. Det hele rammes ind af grønne områder og stisystemerSe PDF.

Cobe står bag formgivningen og har bl.a. haft en hånd med i Nørreport Station projektet, og medvirker ved udvikling af den ny bydel Nordhavn. Cobe samarbejder med NORD Architects, PK3 og Grontmij om projektet. Københavns Kommune er bygherre og den ny børneby forventes at stå færdig 2015.

Kommunen skriver : “Trekantgrunden ved Prinsessegade 74-78 er under omdisponering. Det voksende børnetal i København har medført at grunden, der i dag huser tre institutioner, skal danne ramme om en stor institution med plads til 28 børnegrupper i stedet for de nuværende 20 grupper… De utidssvarende bygninger skal afløses af et moderne byggeri, som med sin placering tæt på multihallen på Arsenalvej, og de grønne arealer som Holmen tilbyder, en let adgang til grønne sports- og naturarealer (forkortet red.).

Ændringer for de eksisterende institutioner

For at det moderne byggeri kan realiseres skal pavillonbygningerne på trekantsgrunden rives ned. De har huset institutionerne Trekanten, Krudthuset og Bodenhoff Fritidscenter. Disse institutioner indgår i det nye byggeri sammen med Brobergsgade fritidshjem – som skal være ungdomsklub – ! Kapaciteten i den nye institution udvides med 8 grupper.

Byggeriets status

Byggeriet forventes klar til indflytning til maj 2015.”



Hal C på Arsenalvej er taget i brug i september 2013. Den er primært beregnet for sportsudøvelse, og kan kun anvendes af foreninger, ikke af enkeltpersoner. Lokale foreninger på Christianshavn kan reservere Hallen og Hallens mødelokaler og fitness center efter klokken 16.00. Det med en café ud til Laboratoriegraven er der ikke skrevet meget om, og cykelruten forbi hallen bliver en smal sag.

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